About Us

We’re Making Legal More Approachable

We don’t believe that legal work needs to be complex, time-consuming or expensive. We’re working every day so all businesses, large or small, can get routine legal support through smart technology.


Our team pores over legal documents and processes and embeds those within our technology. This means that you can trust Founded and have confidence that your legal paperwork will be done correctly.


You didn’t pass the Bar and you’re too busy to start now. We translate complex legal concepts into clear and straightforward language spoken by entrepreneurs.


We let entrepreneurs manage their legal needs in new ways. For most companies, legal work hasn’t changed much since in the past 100 years. It’s time for legal to catch up with technology.

Our Story

Founded started in 2015 when three old friends, two lawyers and one software engineer, came together with the goal of using technology to make it easy for small businesses to obtain routine legal services. The legal industry was lagging behind other professional services in embracing technology and many legal processes could be improved through an online experience. Under the name, Law Scout, our founders created Canada’s largest marketplace for online legal services. With Founded, we are taking our mission to the next step. Allowing entrepreneurs to independently manage and automate their legal needs through our platform.

Derek Hopfner
Shane Murphy
Travis Houlette
Molly Luo
Software Engineer
Robin Hong
Software Engineer
Hideki Matsumoto
Computer Programmer
Luis Prasad-Bernier
Sales & Customer Success
Brian Chan
Software Engineer Coop