Learn about Company Management

The benefits of incorporating come with some basic responsibilities to keep the corporation’s records updated. This used to be a slow and complicated process involving piles of paperwork, but Founded has made the process simple and entirely electronic.

Annual Return & Corporate Resolutions

One of the most basic legal requirements of a corporation is to file an Annual Return with the government and prepare corresponding shareholders’ and directors’ resolutions. Founded manages and automates your annual filing requirements. From your account, you can complete and file the corporation’s Annual Return and gather the required signatures from your directors and shareholders. All the documents, signatures, and filing are done through a simple step-by-step process.

Automated Corporate Changes

When the details of your corporation change over time, the legally-required paperwork is automatically generated by Founded. For example, if you want to appoint a new director (or get rid of an existing one), Founded will prepare the documents and gather the signatures. Everything from changing your head office address to adding a new officer is a breeze with Founded. Best of all, Founded writes everything in plain language. So you don’t need to be a lawyer to understand what is going on. It’s your company after all!