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Introducing the Founded API

Leverage Founded's document automation and government filing workflows to power your business even further.

Business Integrations

Accelerate your Business with Founded

Integrate Your Business Applications

Easily integrate your business applications and leverage Founded's robust API to file corporate changes with the government, automate document generation and more.
// use your api key when initializing the platformconstplatform= require('@founded/api')({apiKey:'your-api-key'}).platform().user(userAuthKey).createCompany({// create a new Ontario provincial corporationconst{companyID}=awaitplatformtype:‘CAD_PROV’,primaryProvince:‘ON’,name:‘Vandelay Industries Inc.’})


Developer Friendly

Robust Documentation

Extensive documentation to allow you to easily connect into Founded's API and intergrate your business applications.

Government Registrations

End-to-end automation of corporate government registrations.


Enterprise e-Signature Tools

Leverage our e-Sign Tools with Your Processes

Leverage our white-labelled, customized e-Signature solutions for your specific business applications.

Enterprise API

Document Workflows

Automated Document Workflows at Scale

Use our automated document workflows, and combine with our automated government filings, and e-Signatures tools to power your business applications.

Founded is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice or legal services. We provide self-help services at your specific direction.

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