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Multi Users

Unlimited Users Per Founded Account

Easily add team members, lawyers and accountants to your Founded account.

Add Team

Easily Add Core Team Members

Permissioned Access

Founded let's you set the access level of team members, so you retain full control of what it editable and what is view only.

Adding & Removing Users

It's simple to add, edit and remove team members, all through Founded's user console.

Add Lawyer

Invite Your Lawyer Into your Account

Collaborative Legal Platform

Easily invite your lawyer into your Founded account to allow for better collaboration and a more efficient working relationship.

Legal Work Done Faster

Working with your lawyer on Founded can increase time to complete core legal tasks by up to 95%.

Add Accountant

Invite Your Accountant Into your Account

Making Year-End Taxes a Breeze

Easily invite your accountant into your Founded account and speed up year-end taxes and minute book reviews.

Collaborative Professional Network

Better outcomes result when core company information is shared with your professional advisors, including your accountants.


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Fully Managed Corporation

Unlimited Company Updates & Government Filings

Unlimited Access to Founded Legal Agreement Library

Unlimited User Accounts

Unlimited Support


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H. Mintah

Mintah Games Inc.

Amazing platform, incredibly responsive staff, and excellent customer service! It took me less than an hour to setup my new Corporation, and the platform organized all my minute book documents perfectly. Everything is in the cloud, and easily updatable!
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Founded is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice or legal services. We provide self-help services at your specific direction.

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