Quality Matters

Our team of legal experts combines high-quality legal documents with our sophisticated automation technology. The result is legal documents that have proven to work for growing businesses and are tailor fit for your needs.

High Quality

Founded’s legal team is dedicated to making high quality legal documents available to all businesses. We have over a dozen years of legal experience from top law firms and we also work with top business lawyers and incorporate their expertise into our platform. This translates to high quality legal precedents and sophisticated legal software at a price businesses can afford.

Low quality online services leave your business unfinished, with unclear documentation, and in legal jeopardy. This leads to complex fixes that require the help of a lawyer. All at a cost that is significantly more than getting the proper paperwork completed from the start.

With Founded, you can get your business professionally incorporated and have confidence that ongoing company maintenance and legal contracts are all done to a high quality. We make it easy for you to have legal peace of mind, so you can get back to building your business.